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Isaul Chub, 27

2006 Graduate — Studied Sustainable Tourism — Restaurant Manager at the Hotel Villa Caribe

Isaul Chub grew up in poverty in the village of Lámpara, on a tributary of the Río Dulce. His father is a subsistence farmer who never went to school, and Isaul is the eldest of nine siblings, so there was little money for clothing and school supplies when he was growing up. He struggled to complete elementary school and was lucky enough to get accepted to Ak’ Tenamit’s Fr. Tom Moran Educational Center, where he studied sustainable tourism. After graduating in 2006, he worked as a manager of Ak’ Tenamit’s Bugamama Restaurant for a year, and was then hired by the Hotel Villa Caribe, in Livingston, where his is now the restaurant manager.

“My parents are proud that I work here. Ever since I was a child, I knew I didn’t want to be a farmer like my dad.”

Isaul now gives part of every paycheck to his parents, to cover the cost of his younger siblings’ education. “I want all my brothers and sisters to finish school. My younger sister wants to study nursing and my younger brother wants to study computer science. I’m helping them now, and the idea is that once they graduate, they’ll help our youngest siblings.”

“The education I got at Ak’ Tenamit has helped me so much. At Ak’ Tenamit, I learned how to run a business, I learned all kinds of useful skills. I feel capable of doing any job that I need to do. I will always very grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given. Ak’ Tenamit expanded my horizons and changed the way I see the world. There are plenty of young people in this area who like to do what I’ve done, but they don’t have the opportunity.”