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Feve Eunice Cabnal Coc, 27

Former Student — Works for the Nonprofit CISP

Former Ak’ Tenamit student Feve Eunice Cabnal went on to study at a teacher’s college. After earning her education degree, she returned to her village and spent three years working at the local school, while studying social work on weekends.

In 2009, she was hired by the Italian non-profit CISP (Comitato Internazionale per la Sviluppo dei Popoli) to work with rural communities in eastern Guatemala. She now helps people in 30 coastal communities to find income alternatives and has helped seven of them develop community tourism projects.

“Ak’ Tenamit provided the foundation of my education. It provided me with opportunities to participate in meetings and conferences. It helped to improve my self esteem,” she said. “In the classrooms of Ak’ Tenamit, you get guidance. Every student learns to reflect, to decide where they want to go and what they want to achieve in their life. In other schools, they just teach you courses, its purely theoretical. At Ak’ Tenamit, they provide you with the theory, but also practical experience, which is fundamental. My former classmates are working at a variety of jobs. They’ve all been able to help their communities,” Feve said. “I’m working with seven community tourism projects in my job, and there are Ak’ Tenamit graduates involved in all of them. They have been able to transmit what they learned to the people in their communities. That’s why kids are always applying to study at Ak’ Tenamit, because of the good example of its graduates.”