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Rubén Dario Cucul Escobar

2011 Graduate — Studied Sustainable Tourism — Waiter at Le Café in Guatemala City

Rubén Dario Cucul grew up in the village of Barra Lampara, on the Rio Dulce, in a family of 10. He was lucky enough to study at Ak’ Tenamit and, after he graduated, to get a job as a waiter at Le Café, in Guatemala City. He sends money home every month to help his younger siblings. One of his sisters is currently studying at Ak’ Tenamit, whereas another graduated from Ak’ Tenamit and is working with adolescents in a program of the Catholic Church.

“I like this job. The customers are very nice and I try to give them the best service possible,” Rubén said. “I would like to study tourism at a university someday, but for the moment, I want to work hard, help my family, and help my younger sister finish her studies.”