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Carol Cohen — Owner at Le Café, Guatemala City

Carol Cohen is the owner of Le Café, a bakery and restaurant in a small shopping mall in one of Guatemala’s best neighborhoods. Le Café is one of several restaurants in Guatemala City where Ak’ Tenamit students work for two weeks at a time. She covers the cost of the students’ transportation between the school and Guatemala City and feeds them. She has also hired several Ak’ Tenamit graduates.

“They’re great. They come with a lot of energy and a desire to learn. They put everything into learning how to do a good job,” she said.

Cohen noted that several Ak’ Tenamit interns had participated in a recent workshop for the restaurant’s staff on hygiene and that they asked better questions than people who had been working there for years.

“The students come so well prepared. I may have had my doubts at the beginning, since they come from such a rural area and this is all so new for them, but they really work hard and are so grateful for what you give them.”