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Meet Hector de la Cruz
2012 Graduate & Service Manager
at Bugamama Restaurant

Hector grew up in a one-room hut and his father grows corn and fishes to feed the family. He is the eldest of seven children. It was a sacrifice for his family to send Hector to school. But their commitment, along with his hard work made a difference in his life, his families life, and in the village where he grew up. > Read His Story

Meet Andrea Bo Macz
2008 Graduate & Project Manager
at Fundación Guatemala

After convincing her father to let her continue studies past 6th grade, Andrea went on to graduate Ak’ Tenamit and work on community projects funded by donors such as the United Nations to improve the lives of women in rural Guatemala. She is truely an inspiration to her family and women across Central America.> Read Her Story

Statistics for Graduating Students and Jobs in Guatemala